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It all started in the fall of 2008.
Grizzly was Chad Grizzly Ric Bratcher Joseph Varner and Brian Ramsey.
They were simple roots rock country with a little tinge of Chad's punk rock influences (at least as much as the rest of the boys would allow).
With a few small shows under their belt in mid 2009,
Grizzly decided to bring the talent of Matt Peters. Matts abilities changed the sound of the band so... dramatically that attention was starting to finally come their way.
In the winter of 2009 Grizzly Relaeased thier first EP "how fast they fade" with the help of Eric Tucker.
The EP was very country driven americana music with stories about Drinkin, lovin', heartbreak, and being on the open roads. Although the release was not in any way a success, the boys appreciate the fact that they know where they started.

2011 the line up changed, Brian Ramsey, the groups rhythem guitar player, left to persue music on his own terms. Ric Bratcher, the drummer, left to persue his education. Next the boys regrouped, and recruited the drum chops of Jason Coberley and the boys decided to streamline the group back to a 4 piece. Coberley's drumming was hard hitting fast and irratic, but solid as a rock. Jasons style of playing change something in the way Chad and Matt wrote became bigger and more intricuitly drawn and more driving than the older songs. Now although Jason was working out style wise and the guys were getting along, the heat was on the grizzly band to get out there and really gain some fans. This was ll too much for Jason who really couldnt play as many shows as grizzly was playing at that point, so jason reluctanly bowed out of grizzly, which brings us to the current chapter and line up of The Grizzly Band:
Chad Grizzly (guitar/singer)
Matt Peters (lead guitar)
Joseph Varner (bass)
Nathan Bandor (drums)

Nathan came in at a perfect moment of chaos when his first show after about a month of rehearsing was grizzly's 2011 texas heat tour. after shaking off the nerves Nathan Quickly became a integral part of the grizzly family.
mid 2011 after the tour the boys went in the studio to start writing and recording their full length album "come and take it" due april 2012.

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